FC Barcelona

As A Person who normally hates the German team, I want to say Well Done and Thank You

I have hated the German team for as long as I can remember (plus I am a Spanish fan lol) and I was rooting for Argentina in the final because of Messi but as depressed as I was to not see Leo holding the trophy I can’t say I was angry.

This German team has been great to watch and they have showed so much class this world cup. They won each game without cheating and were never favoured to a fault. Even Muller only had praise for Messi and he didn’t have too. The German team was always so respectful to all the other teams they beat and only had good things to say.

Yesterday’s final was a great game showing such good sportsmanship from both sides. There always has to be a winner and a loser, that’s how sports goes. But yesterday I had to award both teams for playing fairly and both winning and losing with class.

So well done to Die Mannschaft for winning the world cup, they deserve it and I don’t even hate this team. In fact I quite like them (OMFG I cannot believe I said that) and well done to Argentina who played with their hearts.and fought with all of their being for their country. 

Until 4 years….

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