FC Barcelona

How I watched the UEFA matches tonight…

I support both Barcelona and Manchester United

So first I was like which match do I watch?

Initially I started with United 

Then Welbeck hit the net!

Then it was disallowed

But I had faith

I looked at my phone and saw that Pique was injured

Then I watched as Robben just missed

Then Diego Costa went off

Then United had a break

And Welbeck was one on one with the keeper

But he flopped

Then it was half time and by some miracle there were no goals

So I went to make coffee

Then second half started and I decided to watch Barcelona

Then swapped to United for a bit

Then back to Barcelona

Then my phone alerted me that United scored!

I swapped channels and watched the replay

Then my phone alerted me that Atletico scored

So I swapped channels And I had mixed feelings because my favorite player is Villa but my team is Barcelona

Then my phone alerted me that Bayern scored

So I swapped channels again but basically I missed all 3 goals…

When Alexis came I on I was like 

And then Neymar scored!

Iniesta was being a beast the whole match

And Buettner was playing quite well

Then all of a sudden Bastian got a red card!

But somehow both my teams ended up with draws

So Im happy

So Atletico and Bayern


This is how I watched El Clasico…

A few hours before the game:

An hour before the game:

Then it started:

Initially I was like:

Then we scored the first goal:

It was ok until Benzema equalised

And then he scored again

Soon enough though Leo scored!

But somehow Cesc picked up a yellow

After a million heart attacks it was half time:

Then the second half started and Ronaldo got a penalty

But then Ramos got a red card

And we got a penalty 

Messi scored it like a BOSS

The entire game I was like “Cesc what are you doing?”

Where is Alexis?

But then Cesc was subbed for Alexis

And then we got another penalty

And Messi scored it like a BOSS again

Throughout the game I looked like this when Madrid ran at our “defence”

And there were times when Madrid kept fouling our players

But in the end we won!

 And when the players all hugged each other and had smiles

So in the end I was a very happy fan

And at least now we’re back in the title race for sure so

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